Whether it’s in the strangeness of returning to a place that has so quickly and drastically changed, or as the projection of colonial imagination onto a landscape, or in the lurking of ghosts in the aftermath of war, fantasy abounds in reality. Read from the Fantasies folio collection of six pieces of poetry, prose, and comic.

Empty Altars
By Johanna Dong

Văn An had neglected ritual, not realizing that this was a land now full of ghosts left too long unmoored. That there might be consequences for forgetting to fear.

Indigenous Species
By Khairani Barokka

Hard to tell from your / Silence where you’re taking me. / But I’m guessing / It’s loin-deep in the place / Where they’re collapsing / Entire cosmologies into pulp and paper.

By Lawrence Ypil

How do I tell you that I have done this before? / How to build a diorama of what I am not.

By Nabila Najwa

I keep the butts of my clove cigarettes in a candy tin. I pound it shut, hide it away. So it stays a secret.

I am the last of them—a woman with her own dreams, not salvaged from the cloud-based data lake that I created.

Deep End
By Kaitlin Chan

I remember exactly where I was when I found out Ren Hang killed himself.

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