This material substance, its deathless refusal to disintegrate, its poison, its falseness, its relentless production and our growing dependence on it makes for the critical subject of the Plastic folio.

In the Hardware Factory
By Zheng Xiaoqiong and Eleanor Goodman

as I bear loneliness in the shrieks of iron, it carved / my residence registration on a hole-punch

Remembering the Anonymous
By Xie Xiangnan and Bing Ma and Eleanor Goodman

This is a rectangular dream / which inevitably brings forth a rectangular waiting / a floating country can’t pillow a broken dream / and I’ve never dared say goodnight

It wasn’t the kind of place you’d notice as a casual passer-by, but one you could only find if you were looking for it.

Tonight, too, there are turning lines…/ I say I do not know, do not know.

By Phan Bá Thọ

love you because i / hate your lovers loving your peripheral love

Two Poems by Sawako Nakayasu
By Sawako Nakayasu

Taking advantage of opacity, Girl E goes for it and punches indiscriminately.

As soon as they touch your saliva, the filaments dissolve. Their structure can’t sustain the contact. The sweetness is the taste of collapse.

Careful, Mama Says
By Esumi Fujimoto

A two-minute stare-down with their father’s deathbed occurs. As though the thing will explain itself.

into such sen / sitivity of it / such sense / could not say

Ultrasound waves / pulse between fluid, tissue, and bone一 / the embryo echoes.

Poor Unfortunate Fools
By Silvia Park

Astra unwrapped her long spindly fingers and weighed his member with a chilling fascination.

I will outrun the smell of wet decay, your Mekong river in a Gatorade bottle.

By Divya Victor

After a sperm whale sucks in a squid, it will vomit out its beak.

Opening the Folio: Plastic
By Transpacific Literary Project

An introduction to the Transpacific Literary Project’s pieces of Plastic through a weaving of voices and questions to come

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