How can we trust the evidence of our eyes, when no gaze is ever neutral and images are constructed things, when time alters perspective and everything is always the same and yet constantly changing. In the Sight folio, six works of poetry, prose, essay, and comic explore the act of seeing and being seen.

Baby Doll
By Zhu Yue

The doll stares at its owner, eyes sparkling with cruelty. It wakes the baby up, hands her the toy block. The baby, as though possessed, crams the toy in her mouth.

The usual / drama of chiaroscuro, / how it begins / in medias res for the sake / of the viewer.

Portraits of Mao
By Faye Yan Zhang

For some reason, all of Warhol’s portraits show Mao from an angle that reveals only one of the Chairman’s ears.

Filipino time
By Janelle Marie Salanga

but really every word sounds like the sun/ sweltering in the middle of Santacruzan

Literature as a Third Eye
By Hideo Furukawa

Having two eyes prevents us from simplifying things, from seeing everything around us two-dimensionally. I guess you could say that seeing through two eyes is what makes us human.

The world held us / In glass circles

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